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Rest Room Cleaning Service


Rest Room Cleaning Service

Clean2Spec provides the most dedicated and professional restroom cleaners in Bangalore. We provide quality sanitized cleaning services in Bangalore. We use the most advanced chemicals for cleaning. Our eco-friendly & organic chemicals keep the bathroom & restroom germs free. We never apply any kind of harmful acids which may cause any damage to your tiles and marbles.


Bathroom or restroom Cleaning Service includes:
  • Bathtub, washbasin, taps, shower and fittings to be cleaned
  • Pot cleaning (Indian commode or Western)
  • Floors scrubbing
  • Bathroom Tiles shall be scrubbed
  • Bathroom Exhaust cleaning
  • Bathroom mirror cleaning
  • Cobwebs removal
About Us

00 Years

We have more than 7+ years working experience.

About Us

Reasons to Choose Us

Client oriented

We serve our clients as if we were serving ourselves. We value their feedback and we use it to improve our work.

Eco-Friendly Oriented

We carefully choose the best and most natural cleaning products that give amazing results.

Excellence and Innovation

We provide training to our personnel in order to ensure the high standard of service. We stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in eco-friendly products and technologies, allowing us to bring the best in to our clients requirement.

Expansion / Growth

we make ourselves known in the community, we create long term relations, while constantly expanding. Thereforewe are always bringing in more people to work for us.

360 Degree Customer View

We ensure we keep your life easy therefore we have complete 360 approach towards our customer, you tell us we do it that’s what we believe in.